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Don't Let Go (a song)

Posted on 2010.02.02 at 18:08
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The ocean surrounds me like your every word
Sweep me in, let me into your world.
Astounded by your beauty,
I'm Under a spell. Oh, oh, oh.

Baby Don't let go, Im jumping in
Need you more than oxygen.
Baby Don't let go, hold me close
We're slippin, fallin below.

My mind is filled with images of your embrace,
Please let it be,
And I'll kiss you with moonlight dancing on your face.

me, lol, cute, hot, awesome


Posted on 2010.01.19 at 22:19
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You come around like the phases of the moon,
Sometimes I don't even know where you are.
But When the veil is lifted, lighting up the darkness
Something more gorgeous than the stars.

You float above me.
Each smile shines the heavens so bright,
But you wander off, fade away,
Just to play games with floating asteroids
shooting away in space.

Thus I am left alone to look up
into a sea of black, of nothing.
I am not a sun, not a moon, not even a star.
No, I'm just another promise to break,
A temporary medicine to your ever-growing impatience.
And once I'm old, worn and broken
You push me away oh so far...

me, lol, cute, hot, awesome

Is this It

Posted on 2010.01.04 at 00:37
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It's a new day, no not a new beginning, not a clean start. Not even the brightest object in the sky is new,
actually, it's not even visible. Hidden by a trenchcoat of smoke, of fumes, of cloud, its cold. Its cold, and the motivation
to get up is so slight, so acute, that maybe it's not even worth it. But the system dictates, programmed, each
thing we do, so monotone, yet interest is maintained by the answers we'll never find.
I get up.
I eat breakfast.
I shower.
I brush my teeth.
I get dressed.
I go to school.
And each morning it's the same "hello, howd ya sleep", and the same unimaginitive "good". Even the food is just put into a
cycle, its always one of 5 things possible. And you may ask, how are some of us not constantly bored?
Well, I'm not the person to ask, quite frankly I have no clue.

Picking up the wastebasket called myself, and dragging it all the way to the doors of another form of hell.
Yes this is it, my day begins.

Limping along the sepia tone hallways, broken down corridors, that just repeat themselves. Over and over again. And as
my feet are about to reach solid ground, as the skies become visible once again. Some
wannabe considers my outfit and utters a word of disaprovement behind my back.... I go on, this is just another normal day.

The same continuous motions, limited possibilities, and uptight power-seeking individuals who seem to think that today's
generation is so much worse than theirs. Chapters that don't change their plot, only their wording. It's like switching from
the King James version of the bible to the NIV. It's just revised, the point is the same. The actions, the thoughts,
the feelings stay the exact same.

As if we've already read the end of the book, we know how it all ends, the hopelessness of boredom invades everything.

me, lol, cute, hot, awesome

Taste it Now?

Posted on 2009.11.19 at 21:22
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Creep the words into your throat,
When your thoughts spell capital ME.
I won't put up with selfish arrogance,
Wait for you to undergo atrophy.

Standing here in malcontent,
Now I know how it really feels.
What is there to do,
When tongues taste of antipathy.

Dull heat rises from the gutters,
Seeping into my lungs.
But it doesn't warm me up,
I'm freezing to death.

So let another forgotten sentence run races with the wind,
Im certain, the winter will be here first.
Let the icy chill slap me in the face,
When my only mistake was to be born someplace.

And there won't be apologies for crimes uncommitted,
Don't even expect me to open my mouth.

me, lol, cute, hot, awesome

A tragedy Unfolds

Posted on 2009.10.22 at 23:35
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Upon clouds of gray she arrived unto the hills below,
With a silent kiss and a shot from her bow,
Who's arrow built a land of sorrow.

As mother tranquility fled the scene,
Leaving behind a monstrous fiend.
Houses sunk into smoke,
Engulfed by a blackened cloak.

A weary woman huddled up in a chair,
her still body screamed despair.
Looking for life, I tapped her arm,
her gaze remained without charm.

Though the fields of time ran on ahead,
I couldn't leave the sudden dread,
Would this be the last field I cross?
Would this be the last moment I toss?

Shooting blanks,
These hills have become so full of empty.
You did this to us,
You turned us oh so beastly.

Now climb back down your steel steps,
To the heart of hells below,
Let the rungs be marked with footsteps,
Let the town free of sin and sorrow.

me, lol, cute, hot, awesome

Alibi to cry

Posted on 2009.09.14 at 16:18
I lay in this coffin called a bed
Alone, waiting for death to close its lid.
And as the hands of time do not turn,
I'll retrace the teardrops to my burns.

Chorus x2:
Alibi to cry,
Alibi to cry (looking for one)
I'm setting like the sun.

In a field of shit I felt for a spark of air,
But all I could breath was despair.
On a mountaintop enclosed by thickening trees,
I looked for the moon but all I reached was disease.

Chorus x2:
Alibi to cry,
Alibi to cry (looking for one)
I'm setting like the sun.

Born in the fall, I'm dropping below.
With general anesthetics my lungs are full.
Flames burn my arms as I collapse.
Flames burn my lungs, then I relax.

Read the truth in my eyes,
The scars speak for themselves.
Another fairytale marked with blood,
Another story to tell.

me, lol, cute, hot, awesome

Lets look for purity

Posted on 2009.09.14 at 16:14
Lavender horizon blends into the blackest night,
It's like a book so beautifully bound,
But with the story hopelessly lost.
And as the sun sets on such skies,
And as the ship sails on murky tides,
I still remain on the shores of Buffalo Bay,
As the reader.
Hopelessly lost.
The darkness then fades and thus comes its replacement
Fog, and out comes from it two glowing eyes.
"A wolve's perhaps?"
Two black dots swim in an ocean of grayish-blue,
Just floating along, but emitting such a radiant glow
"An angel's?"
But almost...
They're yours,
You. All that I've ever wanted,
All that I dreamed of.
I've found you.
Or rather, you've found me.
And as you push your body through the last cloud
Into my own, I hope the wind can carry us both.
I hope that we can float.

me, lol, cute, hot, awesome

There's A word for this

Posted on 2009.08.28 at 17:11
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I guess everything gets lost in the coal mine
We call night.
A pattern called time and darkness,
It's swept everything from me.

But eyes just freshly awoken
Can find love anew
While they were lost out there
In the waiting room.

Oh sun, don't go down with the set,
I haven't had time to soak up your shine.
Oh moon, don't take up her role,
You're only half as bright.

You know I've done some things
I kinda regret.
You know I've said some things
That should've been laying at the bottom of the sea bed.

On my way to a new place unknown,
Figured out that I never had a home.
On my way to a new place unknown,
My heart screamed "broken" into a microphone.

I'm an abandoned boat at the edge of Lake Tragedy,
Lonely for years, and I'm empty.
Come on, let me breath
Come on, sail me.

Sail me
To you.

me, lol, cute, hot, awesome

4 poems

Posted on 2009.08.28 at 17:09
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The trigger in her mouth,
Barrel pointed somewhere else.
I'll slip a pill into you,
Won't even feel it.
Won't even feel a thing.

I heard it was dangerous business
walking anywhere near you.
Frequent my steps around not towards.
But damn, I've always desired the brush of your lips.

Lost my nerve in-between movements,
I'm failing on patience.
My foot on your neck,
Stop talking and let me show you...

A sea of red in a world of black,
I'm losing too much blood in this darkness.
Why do I still try?

Your taking up my time,
Digesting me with every rhyme,
Spilling over every thought,
Like a nightmare,
I'm so lost.
Oh my God Oh my God,
I'm fucking lost.

In the garbage next door

Born in a field of glass,
I was stepping in pain before I knew what it was.
Found myself amongst trash,
An empty bottle of vodka and a half-finished snack.
The ground is dancing,
I think it's found its match.

Dribbling my sentences,
No matter what I say,
No matter what I lie here,
I'll be a series of unfinished sequences.
No where near,
No where near...

Rain. Each drop falling ever so gracefully
From a great mist I will never know.
Heaven. Could only be with you.

I'm dying here with neither you, nor anything, not even myself...
Shit! I'm already dead, I'm so dead...

A message

As nervous as a first time astronaut,
look to the skies and my knees shake.
"There's a medicine for that",
sings an electronic voice
But I like to see things as they are.

I'm not good enough for this,
I'm not good enough for you.
...But don't ask me to provide a pleasant air
Whilst you hold his hand and I drown in despair.
I won't be a middle man,
I won't be your jealous lil' toy.

...Then I realize,
I'm just as miserable without you.
Pillaging pirate, thief of my heart,
With every glance you take a bit more.

Two eyes so seductive,
leads me to lips like blossoming rose petals.
And you talk to me of patience,
Whilst a goddess stands before me,
Separated by a glass wall from my hands.

Sign in the shop window reads "gone"

There's this mask I wear around you,
Lies have smudged the paint.
So I stand before you, a faded monotone gray.

Plans to unveil the hidden face,
Always made but never accomplished.
Will I forever be the one forgotten?

And even as the amount of clowns
and carnivals between us number more than one,
My thoughts wander only to you.

I fear, there is no turning back.
My body bleeds tears as broken bones brush,
The sundown of a smile.

I was dressed in make-up, unpleasant fakeup,
The man I once knew...gone.
We had our eyes open, but dizzy dreams ran in circles,
Heart vs. Brain, I didn't think it'd last this long.
all written in Hungary and On a plane 10,000 feet above the ground.

me, lol, cute, hot, awesome


Posted on 2009.07.12 at 14:13
Choke by enigmacyofme

Roses are red
Violet is green
Dear god, when do we wake from this dream?!

Contorted into a cube of fumes
Whose chimneys stab a ripped skyline.
Gotta find my way back home,
But the palace is now an empty tomb.

Can't hide the poison in my lungs,
Or climb a ladder without its rungs
I can't be honest with myself,
When lies hold hostage my tongue.

Craving the antidote to this disease,
Crawling along hands and knees.
Clouds darken whilst earth explodes in flame,
Stop feeding the fire.

Reaching towards something not there,
Hallucination turned into nightmare.
I always thought we'd look prettier
Hanging from the end of a rope.
Turns out, all we do is choke.

...But who knows if it's too late,
Hope. Remains.

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